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A Love Story

Anna Zacharias Schulz (1871–1950) and Peter Schulz (1871–1914) in 1912, at the time of their wedding.

The union of Peter and Anna in 1893 strengthens an already strong bond between the Schulz family of farm machinery manufacturers and the Zacharias family of successful farmers and business owners.


Invitation for Peter and Anna’s wedding, 1893. 

Wedding Invitation Translation

‘God willing, next Thursday, on the 10th of this month, the betrothal of our daughter Anna with the young man, Peter Schulz from Osterwick, shall be celebrated in a Christian manner and to this celebration in our home you, our dear friend, and your cherished family, are warmly invited for 10 o’clock on the day above mentioned.’

– Respectfully, Anna & Isaak Zacharias
   Zachariasfeld, 5th June 1893


The ‘Schulz’ clock is an elaborate model that includes hour and minute hands, an hour bell, and a calendar function.

The father of the groom has commissioned a Kroeger clock to commemorate Anna and Peter’s marriage. This gift is given to the couple at a special gift-giving ceremony on the eve of the wedding. The clock will become the gift of a lifetime for the couple, and will be destined to be a part of family heritage for generations to follow.


Anna, Peter, and family, c.1909. Background photo: Anna and Peter's first home, 1906.

Anna and Peter’s marriage is blessed with prosperity and many children, nine in all. The Kroeger clock bears witness to the growth of the family. But, in 1914, tragedy strikes. The Great War breaks out in Europe. That same year, Peter dies of a heart condition. Anna’s life will never be the same.


Anna Schulz (third from left on bench) with family on the Atlantic crossing, 1927.

The widowed Anna immigrates to Canada in 1927.  Her Kroeger clock joins her on the journey across the Atlantic Ocean. In Canada, the clock will be restored, repaired, and repainted by Arthur Kroeger, grandson of Anna and Peter Schulz. 


Press play to watch this video featuring Lothar and Ingrid Mölmann, modern-day custodians of the Schulz clock.

Now in Winnipeg, Canada, the Schulz clock is part of a modern-day love story. Watch the video to find out why this couple cherishes its sounds and its history each day.