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If you have a story about a Mennonite clock, we would be happy to publish it on our blog.

The Kroeger Clocks Heritage Foundation has developed this website to present a virtual collection of historical clocks made by Mennonite clockmakers, such as Kroeger, Mandtler, Hildebrand, Lepp, or Hamm.  

We are hereby extending an invitation to all who possess a Mennonite clock or know of one to contribute their information to help us create as expansive and inclusive a digital collection as possible.

We also invite you to our blog to share your stories about Mennonite clocks and their place in your heart, your home, your family, or your community.

Please consider contributing to this vital resource by contacting the Kroeger Clocks Heritage Foundation via email or by simply filling out the form below. Details on your clock may give us clues to its history. If you wish to send photographs of your clock, please click on the Photography Standards document for reference. We can also help you find missing parts or direct you to a source for repairs.

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Arthur Kroeger, 1988

Arthur Kroeger, 1988

The Virtual Museum of Mennonite Clocks is a continuation of the work that began with the book Kroeger Clocks by Arthur Kroeger, published in 2012.

Arthur Kroeger estimated that the Kroeger clock makers may have produced several thousand clocks and that several hundred Mennonite clocks could have found their way to North America. It is our aim to collect, compile and catalogue as many of these historical clocks as possible and to create a web site accessible to all who are interested in these iconic touchstones of Mennonite heritage. 

The book Kroeger Clocks can be purchased on-line at the Mennonite Heritage Village or by calling Toll Free 1-866-280-8741.